Twenty-five people have been hospitalised after an Air Canada flight made a crash landing after smashing through power line and skidding off runway.

It has been reported the Airbus A320 crashed into a power line on landing, and then skidded off the runway.

The airline said a preliminary count showed Flight AC624 from Toronto had 132 passengers and five crew members, and had set out from Toronto Pearson International Airport.

A passenger on the plane, Treasure Addison-Mills, speaking to NBC News said there were "people with bloody faces", and that it "took a long time being stranded on the runway with snow coming down".


"We are thankful no serious injuries have been reported," Halifax Stanfield International Airport tweeted. The airport said its airfield remained closed.

A passenger on the flight Mike Magnus, a businessman, said the plane was at the "furthest tip of the airport" when it stopped. He says he heard that the plane may have clipped a power line that caused the power outage at the airport.

"It was so chaotic at the time. I'm pretty sure the landing gear broke on it. The engine on my side popped off," the 60-year-old from Halifax.

Mr Magnus believed at least one engine was torn off the Airbus A320. He said the nose of the plane was sheared off and he believes the wings were damaged too.

He added that the snow that covered the runway likely deadened any sparks that may have caused a fire and engulfed the plane.

"The snow caused it and the snow saved it," he said.

Mr Magnus was released from hospital after being treated for minor injuries to his shoulder and jaw. "I'm safe and that's all that matters. I'm going to have a glass of wine," he said.

Airport spokesman Peter Spurway said the aircraft touched down in stormy conditions.


"It came down pretty hard and then skidded off the runway," he said.

- Daily Mail