ATHENS, Greece (AP) An incendiary device exploded outside the vacation home of former Prime Minister Costas Simitis on Friday, damaging the front of the building, but causing no injuries.

The incident at the empty building occurred before dawn at a seaside resort about 55 kilometers (35 miles) west of Athens, according to a police statement, which said the remains of the device had been recovered from the site.

Simitis, now 77, was prime minister between 1996 and 2004, heading governments of the Socialist Pasok party that saw the country join the euro and experience successive years of high growth.

On Monday, he made a rare public appearance in central Athens to endorse an initiative aimed at forming alliances among center-left parties, after support for Pasok was decimated by harsh bailout policies.


In a separate incident late Friday, police said a group of about 40 youths attacked a police station, hurling firebombs that burned several cars in an area of central Athens where violence by anarchist groups is common.