The man dedicated to revealing Government secrets has had some of his own secrets made public.

An online dating account reportedly belonging to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been unearthed, under the name Harry Harrison, a 36-year-old straight, single man from Melbourne, Australia.

The account, on, was last logged in on January 1, 2007, and includes several photos of Mr Assange.

Describing himself as a "passionate, and often pig headed activist intellectual", he is seeking a "siren for love affair, children and occasional criminal conspiracy".

"I like women from countries that have sustained political turmoil. Western culture seems to forge women that are valueless and inane. OK. Not only women!

"Although I am pretty intellectually and physically pugnacious I am very protective of women and children."

The first things people notice about him, Mr Assange says, is his height "Nordic appearance" and his "unusual presence".

In describing his line of work he says he is "directing a consuming, dangerous human rights project which is, as you might expect, male dominated".

"Variously professionally involved in international journalism/books, documentaries, cryptography, intelligence agencies, civil rights, political activism, white collar crime and the internet."

Mr Assange admits to having "Asian teengirl stalkers".

He writes people should only message him if they are "a spirited, erotic, non-confomist".

"Do not write to me if you are timid. I am too busy. Write to me if you are brave."