BALTIMORE, United States — US Nonprofit housing group ACORN has fired two employees at its Baltimore office after they were seen on a hidden-camera video giving dubious advice to a man posing as a pimp and a woman pretending to be a prostitute reports the Associated Press.

A further two ACORN employees were fired after a second tape surfaced showing the same couple getting similar advice from the Washington D.C. ACORN chapter says

The newly released videotape shows ACORN staff explaining to the 'pimp' and 'prostitutue' how they can hide the woman's occupation to get a loan to help them set up a brothel.

James O'Keefe (25) posed as the pimp and Hannah Giles (20) posed as an illegal alien prostitute.

Excerpts broadcast by Fox News showed a man and woman asking about buying a house and how to account on tax forms for the woman's job and income.

On the videotape they are seen receiving guidance on how to establish a bogus company to mask the nature of the prostitute's business says

The ACORN employee is heard suggesting that O'Keefe can purchase a house, and as the landlord, if he is ever questioned by authorities, he can say he was unaware of the illegal business going on inside. "When the police ask you, you don't know where (the money is) coming from," the staffer said. "We are looking out for you."

An ACORN employee also advised the woman to list her occupation as a 'performance artist' reported the Associated Press.

Maryland ACORN board member Margaret Williams says in a publically released statement the employees "did not meet ACORN's standards of professionalism."

The statement also says the video was an attempt to smear ACORN.

O'Keefe, whose hidden-camera videos prompted the firing of the ACORN workers is demanding an apology from ACORN for calling his work a fabricated "scam" and daring the activist group to take legal action against him reports Fox News.