Enjoy the pockets of sunshine over the weekend because it might be the last we see of summer for a while.

MetService is warning a massive storm is making its way on to the country from Monday, bringing with it heavy rain and gale force winds, leaving few places untouched.

But before then much of the country can expect the warm summer temperatures to continue into the weekend.

MetService meteorologist Tuporo Marsters said the upper North Island would continue its warm run, although the weekend could start a little wet courtesy of a northwesterly flow.


Auckland would see highs of 22C on Saturday and 23C Sunday with showers throughout.

The top spots would be on the East Coast, with Napier to see a high of 26C tomorrow.

The South Island would be a little cooler, with a southwest change hitting overnight Friday before reaching the North Island late on Saturday.

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During Sunday an active trough of low pressure developing in the Tasman Sea was forecast to move northeast across New Zealand.

The moist northerly flow would make its way across the country over Monday and Tuesday.

Meteorologist Lewis Ferris said it would bring extensive heavy rain and strong winds to many areas.

"While we don't know all the exact details at this point we just want people to know that summer looks to be put on hold come Tuesday.


"Good for some who need the rain but also not so good for those tending to affected roads in the south or those in Central Otago who don't want the rain on their cherries/ vineyards."

From Monday heavy rain was forecast about the South Island's West Coast, moving to Nelson and Marlborough on Tuesday.

All of the North Island would also likely see heavy rain on Tuesday, with severe gale northerlies from the Bay of Plenty to Northland and about Wellington and south to Marlborough.