Hotter weather could be on the way as warm air from as far away as Queensland makes its way across the Tasman, WeatherWatch says.

Head weather analyst Philip Duncan said the the hot, gusty, nor'westers which have avoided New Zealand for most of the spring may arrive in the final days of November.

"The predicted warm winds do not appear to be localised either and may come from as far as way as the interior of Queensland, where the air is much hotter.

"While the air will cool on its south east journey over the Tasman Sea the nor'westers can really pick up heat when they rush down the eastern side of New Zealand's main ranges - this dries the air out further and makes it even hotter in the east."


He said the windy, warm weather could spell cloudier, cooler and wetter weather for the western coastline.

"It's too early to know rainfall amounts but certainly many of the models are indicating a windy spell of weather across New Zealand in about seven days time - we may see more November weather in December this year."

Last December the weather shifted to La Nina, bringing many wet, cloudy days. This summer was predicted to be more neutral, which tended to favour a variety of weather and sometimes less extremes, Mr Duncan said.