"We have had some great news this morning," said Whanganui mum Cayla Tait-Hanara.

"We will be staying in our rented home after all."

Tait-Hanara, her husband Conway and the six children in their care were going to have to leave the Aramoho villa they rent from Property Brokers Whanganui on Wednesday.

Despite being described as excellent tenants by agent Andrew Rennie, the family had not been able to find another rental after an Australian investor purchased their current home with the intention of renovating it.


With their tenancy ending and numerous applications for other properties declined, the family were feeling desperate on Monday.

"Everything changed this morning when Andrew told us the owner is willing to let us stay and they will renovate around us," said Tait-Hanara.

Rennie said the property owners were impressed with the Tait-Hanaras when they viewed the property.

"They made a good impression so it wasn't too much of a hard sell.

"I always advise tenants to be friendly to potential buyers because they might become their new landlords."

The Tait-Hanaras have four children of their own aged 8, 5, 4 and 1.

They also have two of Cayla's siblings aged 14 and 11 living with them.

The renovations will mean a rent increase and Rennie said the family may wish to move at a later stage but for now, they don't have to worry.


"I don't usually ring people so early in the morning but I knew they probably hadn't slept well and I had good news to share."

Rennie said the housing market is making his job quite tough at times and he is often seen as the bad guy when rental properties are sold.

"It was nice to be the bearer of good news and they are such good tenants so I'm thrilled for them."

When the family's story was shared on Facebook, there was an overwhelming show of support including an offer from one person to share their home.

Cayla Tait-Hanara said the response was very heart-warming and along with the good news from Rennie had made the family's day.