Students morphed into minions at Mosston School's outdoor movie night fundraiser last week.

It was the first time the school had held such an event and more than 325 tickets were sold for the viewing of the minion-featuring movie, Despicable Me.

Mosston School sports co-ordinator and teacher release Aimee Loveridge said the funding was needed for a new artificial turf.

"We've had a really big push with our hockey and our netball and the asphalt that we've got out there, when the sun hits it, it melts," she said.


"So we just want to make things a bit safer for the kids."

Ms Loveridge said she had been thinking of new ways to fundraise and a chat with Gary Vinnel from Embassy 3 sparked the idea.

Mr Vinnel told Ms Loveridge he would buy an inflatable screen and that is what he did - then he took it to Mosston School.

"The night was amazing, our families curled up on the grass at school with blankets and really enjoyed the experience," Ms Loveridge said.

"We had lots of kids dress up as minions, I decorated a few hay bales as them as well."

The school sold popcorn, had Gourmet Express and Nice Creams food trucks on site and also gave out some spot prizes, including car care kits, cakes, beauty vouchers and garden-centre vouchers.

"We did make quite a bit of money, the food trucks gave us a percentage of what they took, we had really kind people supporting us," Ms Loveridge said.

"We will indeed do this again."

Mosston School is now about $4000 short of their $35,000 fundraising goal.