A Carterton family have lost the entire contents of their garage after a deliberately lit fire spread from an adjacent shed onto their property.

Police and the fire service are investigating what is believed to be a case of arson on a vacant section on Taylor St on Saturday.

Carterton fire chief Wayne Robinson said the blaze was well alight when firefighters reached the scene at about 6am, with the fire quickly spreading from the 2m x 5m shed into a neighbouring 6m x 9m garage.

"One shed was completely destroyed and the neighbouring one was pretty gutted."


The garage had held a car as well as furniture and other items which were ruined in the fire.

The owners were extremely upset, Mr Robinson said. "They didn't have any insurance so it's a double blow for them."

There had been no power connected to the shed where the fire started, so it seemed most likely a case of arson, he said.

"We've got Fire Safety and police investigating."

Three fire trucks took over an hour to bring the fire under control.

The volunteer brigade were also called to assist with a house fire in Masterton and downed power lines caused by a falling tree in Longbush yesterday.

More than 140 properties were affected by the power outage, which was scheduled to be repaired yesterday evening.

A falling tree also downed power lines in Waite St, Featherston, just before midnight on Saturday.