Incumbent Masterton councillor Gary Caffell has confirmed he is "seriously considering" running for mayor.

Mr Caffell said yesterday that a "whole raft of issues" had led him to consider standing for mayor.

One of these was the council's decision to appoint iwi representatives to council committees, a move which Mr Caffell is challenging by filing a motion calling on council not to act on the decision until after the elections in October, thereby allowing an incoming council to enact the decision if they choose to do so.

He had received a huge amount of support since his decision to file the motion was made public, Mr Caffell said.


"[People have been] hugely supportive of the stand to at least go back over the process in which it was done, not so much the actual decision but the process."

Mr Caffell and Brent Goodwin were the only two councillors to oppose the decision to appoint iwi representatives, mostly on the grounds there had been insufficient time given to sum up the situation.

Mr Caffell said other issues prompting him to consider standing were the planned upgrade of the CBD and the potential amalgamation of the three Wairarapa councils.

"On the amalgamation issue I'm strongly in favour of the three councils joining together but the Greater Wellington Regional Council staying as it is. I don't think it's affordable for us to go it alone. And on the CBD we need to consult very closely with those people who are already there, rather than worry too much about who is coming in."

Mr Caffell said he would not be making his final decision on whether to run until closer to the election.

"I want to stress that I certainly have not made a final decision and I won't be making a final decision for a couple of months yet."