A Greytown retailer has showcased the town in a short film about two bicycles on a romantic excursion.

Blackwell and Sons' owner Adam Blackwell wrote the movie, just shy of three minutes, about "a couple of Pashley bikes and what happens when they meet up for a picnic in Greytown".

Mr Blackwell, whose store is the only official Pashley bicycle supplier in New Zealand, has a background in advertising.

Together with his business associate, film-maker Mike Heydon, they shot the film in Greytown last month over two sunny days. "We thought it would be nice to produce the story which is about the bikes but also about the uniqueness of Greytown and the businesses that contribute to that unique character," Mr Blackwell said.


A Country Village Romance tells the story of a red Pashley Britannia bicycle, who is on her way to a picnic date with a black Pashley Roadster Sovereign at Cobblestones museum.

The film follows her through the historic town as she passes landmarks and local businesses, collecting picnic items in her basket from the town's shopkeepers.

The red bicycle, which appears to be peddling along by itself, was actually ridden by Mr Blackwell wearing a full-body green Lycra suit.

In post-production, the fully green Mr Blackwell was removed from the video using green-screen techniques.

He said the film had not been made "on a shoe string" but had been produced on a "really cost-effective" budget.

"We couldn't have really done it without the goodwill of the local retailers.

"They all thought it was a nice story to be told about Greytown and it was done in a really unique way."

The video can be found on the website of Blackwell and Sons, which opened on Main St in September last year at www.blackwellandsons.nz.