The Buckhorn Bar and Grill in Carterton is on the market.

Owners John Kennedy (JK) and his wife Sue, say they are planning to get out in the garden, go fishing, golfing, "and do all those other things that retired people do" after it sells.

The couple have reached retirement and are hoping someone younger and more enthusiastic can find a place for Buckhorn in their heart.

"We just figured that we've lost the passion for it in some ways because we're older, and this place deserves someone really passionate about the industry," JK said.


"I remember when we bought the place. I was going to retire and relax a bit but that proved to be very lonely and boring.

"Then I drove past the Buckhorn one day and it had a for sale sign on it, and so I said, that's what I want to do."

JK and Sue have owned Buckhorn for almost eight years but JK made a promise to Sue that he would retire when he turned 65.

"It took me a while but I eventually became a Western fan, and I am quite passionate about the old decor out there, so I'm really going to miss that. I'm going to miss that hugely.

"So hopefully someone with a big country and western passion takes over the place. I'd hate to see this place be changed, because it really works."

JK and Sue have left the sale in the hands of Bayleys salespeople Dave Wish and Toni Sinclair.

Mr Wish said the Buckhorn is a "huge business opportunity", and different to other sales he has seen through in Wairarapa.

"The majority of hospitality venues, restaurants and pubs that have been for sale in Wairarapa are because they have struggled. The Buckhorn is completely different to that. It's very profitable, has a unique theme, and the opportunity to expand it and make more money is incredible."