The Greytown Menz Shed are sharpening tools for the community this weekend -- just in time for pruning season.

The Sharpening Day at the shed, 85 West St, runs from 9am to 1pm this Saturday.

Axes, spades, grubbers, hedge clippers, loppers, wood chisels, kitchen knives, scissors and secateurs will be sharpened for just $2 per item.

Shed president John Boon said people could bring along anything without a motor in it for members to bring up to scratch.


"It's a way of saying thank you to the community because they are so supportive of us," he said.

"It's huge fun and people get to meet us and see the shed -- where we are bursting at the seems."

Mr Boon said the shed had nearly 60 members and, on average, gained about one new member each week.

It was open five times a week "to keep up with demand".

"We don't fit in the shed we are in, plus we don't have a toilet or kitchen."

The money raised on Saturday would be going towards a new Menz Shed building.

Mr Boon said one quarter of Greytown Menz Shed's active membership were women, and they had members as young as 12.

"It's going extremely well and a lot of that is down to our inclusive approach," he said.

"We passionately believe that sheds should be inclusive and include everyone in the community.

"Regardless of age, sex or background, anyone can come along and have fun, participate, share skills and work on projects together for the benefit of the members and the community at large."

Members are currently in the middle of refurbishing some Victorian-style street lights for Cobblestones museum, a project they took on a few months ago.

The street lights had been discarded from Government House during a renovation.

"We actually laugh more than we work and I think that is part of our success."

Mr Boon said the last sharpening day had been an unexpected success with 240 items brought along, with members taking a few days to get through them all.