To park or not to park?

Drivers looking for a park near the corner of Belvedere Rd and SH2 could be forgiven for being confused, with both yellow lines and a 90-minute parking sign seen for the same parking spaces.

A picture of the markings was sent to the Times-Age by Carterton resident Adele Pentony-Graham, who wrote in to say she was "at a loss".

"Am I allowed to park or not, well if not, black out the white lines perhaps? Or take down the sign!"


When contacted to clarify the situation Carterton District Council's roading engineer, Warwick Potts, said the yellow lines were incorrect and would be removed, with the white parking bay lines to be repainted in the next few months.

But lawyer Barry Keys, whose office fronts the parks, said the yellow lines were painted about a year ago after he raised concerns about visibility for cars exiting the firm's carpark.

"I actually had a conversation quite some time ago with one of the council people here in Carterton as our property actually has two entrances and the way the parking was set up was an accident waiting to happen.

"I just got fed up with it and said could we please get two carparks eliminated."

Cars parked close to the driveways impaired visibility and made it unsafe for cars turning on to the increasingly busy road, Mr Keys said.

"Unfortunately I don't think anybody thought they should actually move the 90-minute parking sign... I just said to my wife the other day they really need to shift the sign because it's terribly confusing."

Mr Keys said the yellow lines did not deter some drivers, who either chose to follow the 90-minute sign or flout both regulations and park in the space all day. When advised of the information provided by Mr Keys, Mr Potts, who is also the roading engineer for Masterton District Council, said he was unaware of the conversation that had led to the yellow lines being painted.

He had referred the issue to the chief executive, and council would be investigating the issue, he said.

"We've put everything on hold at the moment and we'll sort things out internally and find out what's happened and then decide what to do in the future."

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