The trust which runs Wairarapa's all-weather athletic track is being asked to front up with answers to a series of questions relating to its business plan.

Masterton district councillor Brent Goodwin has filed a notice of motion for inclusion on tomorrow's Policy and Finance Committee's agenda, calling on the Wairarapa Regional All Weather Track Trust Trust (WRATT) to answer a six-point inquiry.

Mr Goodwin said a response to his questions is needed to provide " transparency and accountability for a significant public-funded project".

He wants the trust to give details of its insurance cover as its insurance in the 2015 accounts was less than half the amount budgeted in the business plan.


Mr Goodwin is seeking an explanation as to why track usage fees in last year's accounts were less than a third of the budgeted amount and wants to know why the business plan shows the Track Replacement Fund receives $10,000 a year from the trust but there is no mention of that amount in its annual accounts.

He said income streams including those from "soccer, other yearly events and fundraising" were not evident in the accounts, and is seeking an explanation on a business plan promise it would be self supporting without public grants.

Mr Goodwin is also questioning the make-up of WRATT.

"Who is on the trust and who do they represent," he asked.