A 23-metre winch operation was launched to rescue an injured Masterton woman from the bottom of a ravine in Ruakokoputuna on Sunday afternoon.

The Life Flight Westpac helicopter located the woman, who had fallen and fractured her leg, in a canyon in the Ruakokoputuna River.

Life Flight crewman Mike Beausoleil said the woman was 500 metres down the track from where the helicopter could have landed, "so it was decided to perform the winch operation to get a paramedic down to her".

"She was stuck in the bottom of a ravine essentially -- a canyon in the Ruakokoputuna River," he said.


"We knew going into the mission that this ravine was down quite a steep track, so we were prepared for the fact that it might have to be a winch operation to get her out safely."

"When we got into the area, we did a few orbits around and located her from above and just by looking at the track, we figured it was going to be a bit dangerous and probably extremely painful for her to be physically carried out up the track and out of the ravine"

"She was in quite a bit of pain but I think she was glad to be out of the ravine."