A driver who crashed into a truck after reaching speeds of more than 100km/h yesterday has been charged by police.

The driver, a Featherston man in his 20s, crashed into a medium-sized delivery truck at the corner of Woodward and Wallace streets at about 11.15am.

Senior Sergeant Gordon Crawley said police officers attending another job saw the speeding driver in Brandon St, but decided not to pursue him as he was believed to be going more than 100km/h in a 50km/h area.

"They noticed the driver driving at an excessive speed but they didn't pursue him because they thought they wouldn't be able to catch him," Mr Crawley said.


It was believed the man may have accelerated further when he saw police. When police reached the corner they could see smoke coming from the car's tyres as the man braked to avoid the truck. The man had failed to give way at the intersection and had ploughed into the truck, hitting the driver's side mud guard, Mr Crawley said.

It was lucky both he and the truck driver had escaped injury, he said.

"Every kilometre over the speed limit, the greater chance you've got of killing yourself."

The driver's explanation for his actions was that the car had been bought for parts, Mr Crawley said.

The driver faces one charge of dangerous driving and one charge of driving while forbidden.