The Eketahuna Motorcycle Club will celebrate their 10th anniversary with a "300km mystery ride" at the end of this month, attracting more than 70 motorcyclists to the region for the event.

Logie Atkinson of the Eketahuna Motorcycle Club said the annual charity ride will be raising money for St John in Eketahuna.

He said the event is "awesome" because it brings a lot of people to Eketahuna, and also generates good business for towns the group pass through.

"We go from Eketahuna out to Rongomai down the Pa Valley, up the Whangaehu, and then have lunch at Castlepoint which is included in the $25 entry fee," he said.


"From Castlepoint we go to Riversdale and then to the Horseshoe and back to Eketahuna Club.

"We do about 300km. And a lot of people are staying in Eketahuna afterwards which is so good for the town."

Those who are interested in participating in the ride will register at the Eketahuna Club at 9.30am January 30, before setting off on the trip at 10.15am.

Mr Atkinson said the event will be a fun day out with spot prizes at the end of the day and an optional two-course meal at the club upon return.

"We all travel as a group so that's really neat to see. It's just so awesome, and the more the merrier.

"There's already six people from Rotorua and 20 from Hawea definitely coming, but there's also a lot from Gisborne and the other coast.

"And there'll be a lot from Masterton come up by the look ofit.

"I wouldn't be surprised, if it's a nice day, that we see 50 people from Masterton alone join us for the ride."