St John are "exploring options" in Eketahuna to replace the town's ambulance bay, which is in an earthquake-prone building.

At a time when a swarm of earthquakes have been recorded in the Pongaroa and Eketahuna area, Manawatu District operations manager Steve Yanko said he will be taking a keen interest in exploring options for the town's emergency service.

He said the building has always been "a bit risky" because it falls back on a creek.

"Rather than replace it with a new big building, we may look at other options for how we do business in the community," he said.


"We're exploring options for Eketahuna -- building options and sustainability options to keep the ambulance service operating there, making sure we continue to meet the needs of the community.

"We will be looking at the whole picture with Eketahuna."

Mr Yanko said a new location for the ambulance bay had not been decided and that management were still discussing the situation.