A TRUCK driver was stunned to see a man step unharmed from the wreckage of his car after the vehicle rolled several times on a rural Carterton road yesterday.

Greytown Senior Constable Peter Sykes said the single vehicle crash unfolded on a sweeping inclined bend near the Ponatahi Christian School just after 1pm yesterday.

The driver of a Nissan Skyline sedan had lost control of the car and left the road after navigating the bend, which is sited on a hill, rolling several times before his car came to rest on its wheels at a right angle to the thoroughfare.

He said the driver of a passing truck had been heading uphill in the opposing lane at the time and immediately called his dispatch and "told them to get hold of emergency services".


"The truck was coming up the hill and the guy lost control just as they were approaching and the crash happened just as they were alongside each other," Mr Sykes said. "The truckie was thinking this guy's going to be dead, but he just got out with a 'no worries mate'. He was very lucky to walk away from that."

The driver, in his 40s, had been the sole occupant of the car and was found to be uninjured when checked by an ambulance crew.

The car was extensively damaged in the crash, which completely caved in the rear of the roof .

"He rolled a couple of times at least but didn't have a mark on him. He had to have had his seatbelt on and this is a testament to wearing them at all times.

"If he didn't, he would have been spat out for sure, and wouldn't have just walked away like he did," Mr Sykes said.