MASTERTON business owners Janice and Trevor McKeown are closing their menswear shop Intersection -- and they have pearls of wisdom for anyone thinking of setting up shop in Wairarapa.

Mr McKeown, who has owned and managed the independent menswear store on Queen St since 2003, said he and his wife have enjoyed what they have done for the business and the town.

"Our decision to close shop is a lifestyle choice," Mr McKeown said.

"I'm 70 and my health is not as good as it has been. I've probably lost the edge of the enthusiasm that I would have had five or 10 years ago.


"You need to be enthusiastic to be able to work in retail. We have always tried to make the customer feel like the most important person in the world for five minutes.

"When you do that, they go out feeling better about themselves than when they came in, and looking better than when they came in. That's what it's all about."

Mr and Mrs McKeown have been in the men's tailoring business for more than 20 years and bought the Intersection business from a family member who opened the store in 2001 after Hallensteins closed in Masterton for the first time.

"Masterton does need a replacement for Intersection," Mr McKeown said.

"This town has Bullick & Blackmore which is a high-end store with suits and formal wear but at Intersection we have always focused on casual smart wear instead with a particular emphasis on shirts.

"The gap that will occur now will be quite significant, but for us, it's time to move on and enjoy life.

"It's time to go on and do the things we want to do, go on a cruise, play some bridge, have a good look around New Zealand for the first time in 20 years, and just catch up with people and not have to get out of bed at seven in the morning."

Intersection has a sale until the end of next week when it will close.

The Greytown Intersection store is also closed and a new tenant or buyer of the business is being sought.