Hood Aerodrome will keep a light burning for commercial airlines after the council earmarked more than half a million dollars in the proposed long-term plan to reseal the runway, improve internal roading, and replace runway lights.

The key projects as outlined in Masterton District Council's plan are part of normal airport maintenance that would keep it fit for commercial and non-commercial use.

Masterton Mayor Lyn Patterson says the council had been looking for an alternative service provider since Air New Zealand's last flight from Masterton to Auckland in February, 2014, but had so far been unsuccessful.

"We've been working consistently since Air New Zealand stopped providing services to look for another service provider.


"What happened earlier this year, late last year was that when Air New Zealand pulled out of the other sites like Whakatane and Westport, all of the mayors got together - there were six or seven of us- and started to look at what we could do.

"Air links are really important for us as a region from an economic development point of view, and so we had some discussions with central government about that.

"That led to the research and the paper that's being done by Local Government New Zealand that's due to be released next month.

"On a local level, we have, and are still talking to air service providers. The difficulty for us is that they're not all banging on our door, clambering to be here.

"And there are not a large number of air service providers around to deliver the service.

"But I personally would still like to see a air service continue, particularly to Auckland and possibly Christchurch.

"It's just a matter of finding the right service provider that is prepared to come in here and deliver that service."

Latest reports show that facilities at the airport meet the operating and safety regulations required for a commercial service including the terminal building, a taxiway, and hardstand.


Replacement of the runway lights are expected to be completed within the year and will be funded using the council's depreciation reserves.