If you're 35-plus and sick of internet memes, puzzled by the dairy-free movement and stuck on what to cook for tea, Wairarapa band Spank may have something for you.

Spank is playing its launch gig at King Street Live next week - and members look forward to sharing their bluesy, ironic tunes with the crowd.

The band is made up of Carterton couple Nikki (trumpet/lead vocals) and Peter King (bass), Gladstone's Sheldon Hedgman (guitar) and Martinborough's Kathy Brough, whose music is a commentary on "the ridiculous, bulls*** things in life" through the eyes of a jaded 40-something.

"It's all about the everyday dilemmas of Generation X," said frontwoman Nikki King.


"There's not a lot of music marketed to our generation - there's too much love and clubbing in mainstream music.

"Our stuff is about being too tired to go out, so you snuggle up with your flannelette nightie and iPad."

Spank's songs capture such modern day struggles as keeping track of kids' schedules, deciding what to make for dinner, being bored and daydreaming at work, loudmouthed individuals at the pub and navigating the world of social media crazes - such as posting your "dinner for one" on Facebook.

"It's stuff everyone can relate to," said drummer Kathy Brough. "Like, 'crap, I can't walk around naked as my landlord lives 20m away from my house'."

Spank even has a love song about cheese - a cheeky dig at popular dairy-free fad diets.

"Everyone's gone dairy free these days," said King. "In our songs, nothing's sacred."

Spank was formed in July on the back of an unsuccessful steampunk-themed band the Kings and Brough were involved in.

Keen for another project, the trio teamed up with Brough's childhood friend and former Terry Firma guitarist Sheldon Hedgman - and "the band just gelled".

The members, who practise every Friday in the Kings' lounge, say their sound is similar to the "folky Britpop of the 80s and 90s", but are unsure what to call themselves. King said their main influences are Fleetwood Mac, Mark Knopfler, Billy Bragg and The Smiths.

"Morrissey wrote with a lot irony and sarcastic banter, which I love. People want to see some humour in music."

The band has recently recorded a four-track EP, Spank - In Their Natural Habitat, with Wairarapa studio Phantom Music, which it will be selling at the gig.

"It's amazing to listen to the CD, and go, 'Wow, that's us'", said Brough.

"At the moment, we're still in our infancy and having fun making music. But we can hear ourselves sounding better and more professional every week."

Spank is playing at King Street Live on Friday October 24, supported by This Little Orchestra and Roumengoux. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are $10 at the door.