A social media game in which people are challenged to have ice water thrown over them for charity has made its way to Wairarapa.

The ice challenge has resulted in a spike of donations to the Cancer Society Wairarapa, said centre manager Jeanine Gribbins.

The challenge requires participants to have a bucket of icy water dumped over their head and upload a video of it online.

They then donate $10 to charity and nominate someone else.


If nominees don't do it, they have to donate $100 to charity.

Ms Gribbins said people in Wairarapa were taking up the challenge with about 30 people making online donations last week.

"We've got a few people donating to us which we are very grateful for.

"From our point of view, it's not a Cancer Society fundraiser but we are more than happy to receive the funds."

While it has raised thousands of dollars for cancer charities around New Zealand, it has been criticised because some participants are turning it into a drinking game.

It had fatal consequences last Saturday for a Northland man who did the challenge and drank bourbon.

Five hours later he suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

Ms Gribbins said they were grateful that it had raised the profile of people affected by cancer but participants shouldn't be drinking or doing it if they have a heart condition.


The Cancer Society, Child Cancer Society and CanTeen have received tens of thousands of dollars in donations since the viral trend began.