Wairarapa's area police commander says body-mounted cameras for cops are something New Zealand Police are yet to discuss - but could bring potential benefits for policing in the region.

The Government will discuss frontline police wearing small cameras on their uniforms while on duty so they can provide immediate evidence.

The idea captured Justice Minister Judith Collins' attention while she was in Britain, where she was told about a trial being undertaken there in which officers wore the body-mounted devices.

Wairarapa area commander Brent Register said the first he had heard of the idea was when he noticed the story in news media yesterday.


He said the concept had not been discussed within the police force and was out of the blue. "We've never even thought about them.".

However, Mr Register said he could see the advantages of using the video devices.

"I see some benefits around evidence being captured on film, so that victims don't have to be revictimised by appearing in court and also an ability to catch police officers performing to negate any police brutality accusations," Mr Register said.

Ms Collins said she would be talking to Police Minister Anne Tolley about that idea.

-Additional reporting NZ Herald