It is the strongest new-generation line-up we've seen in a long time: five designers representing the exciting wave of fresh talent within the local fashion industry. Elizabeth Wilson of the label Eugenie, Kate Megaw of Penny Sage, Georgia Currie of Georgia Alice, Glen Prentice, Madeleine Harman and Jessica Grubisa of Harman Grubisa - strong in their own right; collectively, a bombshell - will showcase their collections next weekend as part of the "Gatecrashers" show at The Marr Factory, a free showcase of young talent disrupting New Zealand fashion right now. The industry needs it: it has been a sluggish few years for strong new names and labels, but these five designers have a savvy, modern point of view - creatively and business-wise - and ambition to burn.

The show of young talent follows last year's successful Underground installation at Fashion Week - itself a strong showcase of new talent (many of the Gatecrasher designers took part in that, too) and thankfully returning again this year, and precedes a pop-up shop of young designers coming soon from the NZ Fashion Museum as part of an upcoming Youthquake exhibition.

Fashion is about the thrill of the new: here comes its future.

• The MF Gatecrashers show is on Saturday, August 23 at Golden Dawn, Ponsonby. First in, first served.


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