A video posted by an employee of a Chicago advertising agency claims to show an office drenched in human waste after the icy 'polar vortex' storm hitting the US led to pipes bursting inside the building.

Office workers in the Leo-Burnett owned skyscraper posted pictures of the deluge on social media, with one posting an image of the flood captioned 'poo explosion', according to Business Insider. The image has now been removed.

In a stomach-churning scene, brown water can be seen filling the 15th floor Arc Worldwide office and pouring down from the ceiling. A worker can also be seen trying to get away from the sewage.

A Leo-Burnett spokesperson denied the liquid contained feces. A spokesperson told Business Insider: "While we appreciate the creativity, rest assured that it's only dust and water."


Freezing temperatures reached -26C in Chicago as the polar vortex tightened its grip on America on Tuesday.

It is not known how many floors of the 50 story building were affected by the burst pipes.

- UK Independent