Floyd Mayweather has told Conor McGregor to get inside the ring with him before it is too late.

McGregor's rise to superstardom in the UFC has been nothing short of incredible, leading fans to call for a super-bout between him and the undefeated boxer.

The combat sports icons have gone back and forth over the proposed match-up for months now and Mayweather has urged the Irishman to get a deal done whilst he remains a top draw.

"The difference between me and him is this: He has to fight. If I was him and I was smart, before I lose again in the UFC I'd let Floyd Mayweather kick my a** for a lot of money. It makes business sense," the American told The Telegraph.


"This guy said I'm a pussy, I'm scared, I'm a chicken,' Mayweather added. "All 49 said the same thing and all the results were the same. So with that being said, if Conor McGregor really wants to fight me, we can make it happen. But is he blowing smoke up everybody's ass? We need to know."

A big hold-up over any potential agreement is McGregor's existing contract with the UFC.

"There's a difference between being an employee and an employer, the Money Team leader explained. "McGregor has bosses. I don't have a boss.

"If someone says "I want to fight Floyd Mayweather", I can simply say "yes, let's make it happen". But when you've got a guy like Conor McGregor he has to talk to Dana White (the UFC president). Dana has to talk to Dana's bosses."

Another stumbling block is the two rivals' opinions over who would deserve to make more from what would be one of the biggest pay-per-view events in combat sports history with Mayweather beliving McGregor, who makes somewhere in the region of $10million (£7m) a fight in the UFC, is overestimating his worth.

"If you haven't made $10m you can't ask for $10m, said Mayweather. 'What you have to do is go to the Forbes and see what he's worth.

"I'm going to give you what you're worth. If he's worth five, we'll give him 10. If he's worth 10, we'll give him 20. We're talking about just one fight. We're going to choose one fight. In one fight I made more than Conor McGregor has made in his whole career."