Kiwi Ryan Sissons, earned his first WTS podium of his career in Hamburg. Sissons crossed over third behind Australian Jacob Birtwhistle. Sissons and Birtwhistle are the first elites from Oceania to be on the WTS podium together since 2010.

"This is one of my favourite races, and I really wanted to get on the podium," Sissons said.

"I felt good today and put myself in a good position the whole time, and I believed in myself."

Sissons won his first World Cup race back in May and believes he's getting better as his career progresses.


"I've had a good season so far, and the confidence is growing," he said.

"I've always trained really well, I've just struggled to put it together in a race. Whether that's confidence or applying myself, it's taken a while to figure it out, and I'm glad that I have."

Sissons was amongst a strong running field with Javier Gomez (ESP), Mario Mola (ESP) and Richard Murray (RSA).

"I could see a couple of them coming up. I was sitting in second and third most of the way and feeling pretty good."

In the final kilometre, Sissons knew he'd need to step up to get a podium. Fortunately for him, the decision was in his favour when Birtwhistle passed him on the last leg.