Almost everything you could need for an outdoor adventure is at Kathmandu and when it comes to boots the Kathmandu Tiber NGX Boots are well suited to pretty much any activity.

I was given the chance to see how good they are when I tackled a five-day walk along the rugged South Island coast.

With no real formed track and an obstacle course of boulders that would tear the toughest of shoes and test their grip, this hike was a mean test - for the boots and for me.

The Vibram sole is used on almost every popular brand of hiking boot because of its toughness and the all-round grip, and the thick leather outer means they're great for most conditions.


The boot is waterproof and did a fine job of keeping my feet dry, but I would recommend adding a gaiter if you're tackling any deep water.

The inner of the boot is padded enough so you are able to maintain some of the stiffness that is essential so you are not to fatigue at the end of the day while it provides heaps of comfort for the long days of walking.

I can happily say they helped me to the end and are now very much broken in and ready for the next adventure.

Kathmandu Tiber NGX Boots (RRP: $499)