A lovelorn American woman is trying to rekindle a holiday romance, with a man she met on her travels. The only snag being it was two years ago, 8000 km away, and she can't find his number.

"Do you know Adam from Wales?"

23-year-old Kate Lefler describes how "sparks flew" the moment she met the man on a trip to the UK. In 2018, she had travelled from Oklahoma to Europe when she took a fancy to Adam.

Kate said the pair immediately hit it off, and she had parted with a kiss and he her phone number. Only she realised, too late, it was a few numbers short. Forgetting to add an area code their plans to meet the next day never came about.

'Crazy American girl' Kate couldn't hold back what people thought from her finding Adam. Photo / @HelpKateFindAdam
'Crazy American girl' Kate couldn't hold back what people thought from her finding Adam. Photo / @HelpKateFindAdam

"When a text never came I started to realise I never put my area code in with my number in his phone," she explained. However, instead of moving on she couldn't help but feel he was the "one that got away".

So having spent two years wondering what could have been she finally took the leap and started searching for "Adam."

The first course of action. Contact the pub where the encounter happened: the Rust and Royal in Plymouth. Beginning her message with the caveat "this is going to sound crazy" Kate messaged the bar explaining how two years ago she might have encountered the love of her life.

"He was in town visiting his buddy Mac, who lived nearby. This may be a long shot in the dark but because I had a few drinks, I failed to properly give my phone number to Adam. And unfortunately I never saw him again."

All she had to go on was a first name and a photo which she shared with the pub on Facebook.

"Hopefully whoever sees this believes in fairy tales and love at first sight! And if not . . . I can just be the crazy American girl trying to find Adam."

Do you know Adam, pictured left? Photo / Supplied
Do you know Adam, pictured left? Photo / Supplied

The story of the "crazy American girl" captured the imagination of hundreds online, who wished her "best of luck". "Them tats are fairly distinctive!" pointed out one social media sleuth pointed out, suggesting the Adam's tattoos might be a lead.

The pub was quick to get back to Kate, saying they didn't "recognise him but also we have all new staff so I'm not sure any of them would have been there in 2018."

This did not put Kate off, and the pub agreed to help with the search sharing the photo with regulars online.


Starting an instagram account @helpkatefindadam, the tourist was on Adam's case. As was most of the small town in South England.

Further clues came about with details that she had been in town off a US Navy ship visiting Devon, and Kate believes Adam may have been part of the British Navy, with the Royal Marines.

"I know there's a chance Adam may not be single anymore but I thought it's best that I at least try," she said.

"We met April 6, 2018 at Rust & Royal, we stayed there for a while and then went to a club in the Barbican, and then a diner at the end of the night and parted ways."

Fortunately for Kate there were quick developments.

Yesterday Kate posted good news to the Instagram account an update: "found him!"


A day after the hunt was started she was happy to say that yes she had Found Adam, though there was a snag.

"Happy to say we found him! Thank you everyone that spread the word-the internet is so amazing!

"With that being said, he IS in a relationship," reported Kate. It might not have been the result she was after, but at least she had an end – if not a fairytale one – to her two-year search for Adam.

"I'm so thankful to receive that closure and be able to re-connect regardless."