Gatwick airport emergency staff take place in "clap for carers" and raise the bar.

The London airport's social media posted a video of ground staff, emergency fire crew, airport police and vehicles at the end of the Southern runway taking part in the weekly applause for health workers. Spray from two fire engine jets completed the picture, firing an arc of water over the emergency vehicles, whose lights are blaring.


A massive 'thank you' to all our heroes from everyone at Gatwick Airport!

Posted by Gatwick Airport on Thursday, 23 April 2020

"A massive 'thank you' to all our heroes from everyone at Gatwick Airport!" was the message from the airport's official social media account.

The South London airport has suffered a severe drop in services since the outbreak of the coronavirus.


The North terminal was closed on April 1, due to the drop in demand.

Yesterday of just 13 scheduled flights, just two arrived as scheduled. Half of the flights were listed as cancelled, with the remainder either delayed or diverted.

So with the lack of use for the airport's main runway the airport's emergency staff decided to use it to lift spirits online. They Created the stunning tribute on runway 26L, once one of Europe's busiest airstrips seeing over 46,000,000 passengers a year.

The "clap for carers" has become a weekly tradition in the UK and has previously been led by royals William and Katherine and the Prince of Wales.

It was introduced on the 23d of March, as a show of support for the beleaguered essential workers in front line care and those suffering from the pandemic. The impromptu show of support which now happens 8 pm every Thursday evening, is estimated to take part by millions of people.

Yesterday saw not just applause but music and, in the case of London's airports jets of water marking the support for carers.