A passenger has been left disgusted after witnessing a man clipping his fingernails next to him while on a flight.

The Sun has shared a video originally posted by Instagram user David Kim in his Stories.

In the post, he took a video of the man grooming and wrote, "no go ahead. Please clip your nails on the plane," followed by a vomiting emoji.

In the 10 second video, his neighbour, dressed in white shorted and a t-shirt, has a large nail-clipping device which he is using, writes The Sun.


It's unclear what flight the man was on, and for how much longer he decided to carry out his personal grooming.

The male passenger was caught clipping his nails in his seat before take-off. Photo / Supplied
The male passenger was caught clipping his nails in his seat before take-off. Photo / Supplied

It's not the first passenger shaming video to go viral recently.

One woman shocked fellow passengers after clipping her child's nails on a flight.

However, social media was divided, with some feeling sympathy for the mother, while others thought it was disgusting and should not be done in public.

Even worse โ€“ passengers have been caught putting their nail clippings in the seat pockets, according to The Sun.
Travellers who put their feet up on the walls or someone else's seat have also been called out in the past.

Sadly, these are just a small fraction of the many bizarre behaviours caught on camera by other travellers.

An Instagram account Passenger Shaming was created for the specific cause of showcasing strange and disgusting behaviours seen in airports and on planes.

In a recent post to the page, a video was shared of a woman holding up her underwear to the air vent in an apparent attempt to dry them.

The most recent high profile case of so-called passenger shaming to go viral was of a man repeatedly punching the back of the seat of a female traveller who had reclined.


The woman has threatened sue both the passenger and the airline.

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