In one of Europe's most remote ski-fields, far in the Scottish Highlands, an unusual invention has made an appearance that is worthy of James Bond.

A mysterious skier, dressed in black has been sighted at the ski fields in Glenshee - zooming around the slopes with a jetpack.

The showy contraption allowed him to not only skip queues, but also lift fees. A day-pass on the slopes would set you back £35 (or around $66).

These antics quickly earned him the name "Rocket Man", with fellow skiers cheering him on.


Hope everyone had a good day. There were some strange goings on at Butcharts - some of you saw it. Anyway for Thursday...

Posted by Glenshee Ski Centre on Wednesday, 19 February 2020

The ski field operators did not seem to begrudge the mysterious skier's queue jumping. Instead Glenshee Ski Centre posted photos of the contraption to their social media accounts last Thursday, saying:

"Hope everyone had a good day. There were some strange goings on at Butcharts - some of you saw it."

"Wondered what the noise was when we were up the top!" said one visitor.

Others thought the odd sound must have been a broken down piste-basher.

The highland ski centre at Glenshee has had a bumper season. The Scottish ski calendar has been inconsistent in recent years, following increasingly warm winters.

However, skiers were up on the mountain in force midweek, after the ski centre after fresh snow fall had allowed the site to operate for four consecutive days, reported the Daily Mail. Not that Rocket Man needed the lifts.

"Great day and seeing the jet man was the highlight of my seven-year-old's day," wrote Rosie Frampton who was visiting the slopes.

"What a random thing to come across."

Hewitt's paragliding jet rig. Photo / Supplied, via IMDB
Hewitt's paragliding jet rig. Photo / Supplied, via IMDB

However, one visitor said he knew a lot more about the mystery skier – and, despite not needing to use the lifts, he insisted that Rocket Man did pay to access the slopes.

"First of all I'd like to say I did pay for my lift pass and I'm very grateful to the staff at Glenshee for supporting my request to ski with my jets," wrote Skydiving instructor, Allan Hewitt.

"They really are a lot of fun and I'll be doing a lot more as I develop them further."

This stunt on the ski slope was hardly Hewitt's first.

The 58-year-old ex-paratrooper has film credits as a stunt man, most recently as a skydiving coordinator for Tom Cruise in Mission impossible.

When not parachuting or 'jet paragliding', Hewitt enjoys mildly less extreme sport such as skiing.