A photo of a passenger "manspreading" at the airport has caused controversy on social media, with opinions divided on whether that is acceptable behaviour.

The man was spotted at Toronto's Pearson Airport, awaiting his flight. A photo shows that he spreads his legs in such a way that he takes up three seats.

The passenger appears oblivious to having his photo taken, as he checks his phone.

On social media, internet users have debated whether he had the right to take up three seats.

Photo / Instagram
Photo / Instagram

The photo was shared on Instagram by Travel Creeps, with the caption: "Either this man really wants to sit alone or he has the worst case of invisible elephantitis the world has ever seen."

Instagram users were divided. Some criticised the intrusion and suggested leaving the man alone.

"Solution: 'excuse me'. And then sit down next to him. The person taking this photo is as ignorant as the guy in the seat," an Instagram user commented.

Others criticised the man for taking up so much space.

"This pic is causing me unreasonable amounts of rage," one person said.