A boutique bistro in London's Camden locks is causing a stink with its new concept room: the Cheese Suite.

While some might think the idea of a Cheese room was the stuff of nightmares – brought on by dairy indulgence too soon before bed – this BNB claims to be the world's first cheese-themed hotel room.

Clearly someone thought the idea was "grate". Working with designer apartment website Cukooz, they have created a truly kooky concept which is sure to make any fan of fromage go gooey with desire.

The fromage-themed décor includes cheese-shaped toiletries and cheese-board games and even room service dedicated to delivering fondue - dubbed the "cheese hotline".

Too gouda brie true: London's first cheese-themed hotel room. Photo / Supplied
Too gouda brie true: London's first cheese-themed hotel room. Photo / Supplied

The French Bistro, Café Rouge above which the cheese hotel is situated, is running a competition for the hardcore Roquefort cheese fan to stay in the suite.

Those who can answer correctly how many cheeses go into their béchamel sauce will be entered into a draw for a one night stay in the room and unlimited cheese and wine.

Lucky competition winners will be given the suite for free, though will be asked to donate to The Prince's Trust charity according to the London Evening Standard.

London is fast becoming the capital of cheese following opening of the world's first conveyor-belt-fed cheese bar in the city's West End.

It may be the cheesiest but not the most unusual project form the serviced apartment company. Previous quirky designs by the Cukooz London studio include a bedroom modelled on the womb.

The Zed Rooms based on uterine lining design were supposed to evoke the "safety and snugness of a womb" to ensure you sleep like a baby.