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Kiwi mum Jasmine Liu is speaking out after an experience in Rotorua during an otherwise excellent holiday left a sour taste in her mouth.

Liu hadn't visited Rotorua in over a decade when she decided to bring her 5-year-old and 2-year-old for their first visit.

The Palmerston North family had an "awesome trip" but when she lifted the lid to this $20 garlic stir fry broccoli dish four days ago, something struck her as not right.


"My first thought was, 'Aw.. I got half a box of very hard, under cooked and not hot broccoli.. for $20.'

The offending dish. Photo / Jasmine Liu
The offending dish. Photo / Jasmine Liu

"My family has been involved in takeaway food for decades so we know how it should be, how it's fair. For that price you should get a full box, no question."

Liu adds that she has no complaints about anything she experienced on this holiday - "Except this meal at the 'award winning' 'national winner' Oppies fish and chips."

"In fact I feel ripped off."

The mum made a post on WeChat about her experience.

One friend said, "$20 is such a rip off. When it comes to takeaway, a lot of restaurants charge less than $20. Especially a big broccoli is only $1 or $2 during this season. (Facepalm emoji)."

Another friend joked, "Only Westerners will get tricked."

Oppies owner Michael Huang says he's disappointed to hear about Jasmine Liu's experience, especially as it is now too late to fix the problem.

Jasmine's review on Google. Photo / Google
Jasmine's review on Google. Photo / Google

"Most of our customers are very happy. We really care for our customer, and want to do the best for them."

"If the customer contacts us, if they're not happy, we can always cook the dish again, or give a refund, no questions asked."

Huang adds that his restaurant is among the most popular in Rotorua, and sometimes mistakes happen.

"My staff might have been too busy that day, but the container shouldn't be half-full. The containers aren't full-full, but half-full would be unusual."

Huang adds that his restaurant is also dine in and that people may expect too much, "At a European restaurant people wouldn't expect a kilo of broccoli for $20."

"We always try to keep up our standard, but if the kitchen is very busy I do understand how a mistake can happen. I feel very sorry that this has happened."

Article originally published by nzherald.co.nz on 15 Jul, 2019