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A wildlife conservationist has shared a warning to those exploring Australia's vast landscape after pointing out a camouflaged deadly creature lurking in a river.

Andrew Ucles, who is known for capturing dozens of wild animals with his bare hands, rarely lets his guard down around these predators.

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In a video he shared on Facebook, Ucles describes the close encounter he and his partner Holly had with a 4.5m saltwater crocodile along the banks of the Daly River in Northern Territory.

Andrew Ucles next to the saltwater croc lurking in waters below. Photo / Andrew Ucles Facebook
Andrew Ucles next to the saltwater croc lurking in waters below. Photo / Andrew Ucles Facebook

"We were just about to spear a barramundi right here and guess what we saw," he says in the video as he pans the camera to the predator lying motionless on the river bed.

"We've got to be careful because at the end of the day this is saltwater crocodile country."

Ucles said he was lucky that he spotted the crocodile since they regularly try and disguise themselves in shallow waters, getting ready to attack.

"They're there and they're watching," he warns.

"It quite easily could kill me ... so you better be careful where you stand in the water."

He later went on to label crocodiles "ambush specialists" as he addressed his online following.

"[They are] highly calculated and what's most concerning is he would have waited there all day for the right opportunity," he said.


"Time doesn't exist for a crocodile."

According to the Northern Territory government there are up to 200,000 crocodiles across the territory and they are being found in areas where previously it was believed they did not inhabit.