The name of your first pet? Mother in-law's maiden name? Security questions are a feature of online booking familiar to anyone with a poor memory for passwords.

However, the US airline Jetblue has potentially sparked family feuds with this very awkward question.

"What is the name of your favourite child?" was revealed to be one of the pre-loaded questions used by the airline's website to jog users' memories.

The question was described as "savage" by one Twitter user.


However, instead of apologising for the insensitivity of the question, the airline doubled down on the question.

"Say it. You know you have one," came the cheeky response from the Airline's official Twitter account.

While it was not the most diplomatic of questions, most social media users saw the funny side of it. Some tweeted to say that they knew exactly where they stood in the sibling rankings.

"I'm showing this to my dad. My name is incorporated in all of his passwords," tweeted one user.

Instead of sticking to the safe route of declaring that they loved their offspring equally and unconditionally, another user admitted it was an impossible question for their fickle style of parenting.

"I would get it wrong all the time, my favourite would be the one that hasn't p**sed me off in the last 24 hrs … that changes constantly," they said.

While the question was savage to begin with, some of the responses were equally bleak.

"Can it be someone else's kid? Mine aren't all that," wrote one user, who arguably loved her children equally; though the children might not be so happy about it.