For the best danish possible, get yourself to Juno the Bakery right when it opens.

This bakery was founded by Emil Glaser, a former Noma chef, and some of its bakers are on the Swedish national baking team… Let that sink in.

The cardamom buns are "to die for". I recommend spiriting your carbs and coffees away to Faelled parken, the largest park in Copenhagen and very popular. Expect a fast moving queue out the door for their black coffee (only) and pastries, $10.

If lining up for pastry strikes you as utterly stupid, you can instead breakfast at Coffee Collective in the once-dangerous and now gentrified suburb of Jaegers borggade. You'll spend about $15 for a tasty meal paired with a complimentary cup of coffee.

Let yourself loose on Jaegers borggade with its charming coffee shops, cafes, bakeries and independent shops. Look out for Tricotage for clothes, Vanishing Point for craft and design, Ladyfingers for jewellery and Cactus Copenhagen for pottery.


Schonnemann is a lunch restaurant and one of the oldest dining places in Copenhagen.
On the menu, you will find the best smorrebrod in town. It also has a cracking aquavit collection and great staff. Book ahead, budget $50.

Nearby, the botanical gardens with red squirrels, a fishpond and many interesting and rare plants is a beautiful place to explore — access to the glasshouses is about $11.
Also nearby is the Design Museum Denmark.

This museum showcases the history of Danish design along with displays of decorative arts and crafts, posters, furniture and more. $20 admission.

Cafe Langebro beer bar is a little gem. The place isabit worn out, but it is charming: just off the water, sunny and with a relaxed atmosphere. Nice place to end the day, sitting in the sunshine with a local beer. The price of beer is largely comparable with New Zealand.
$15 should cover two beers.

Il Buco does warm and inviting in an industrial setting. Turns out hygge is something you create, not something you buy, as cliche as it may sound. Having a good time = hygge. The restaurant location used to be an old loading dock and the original dock doors have been preserved. The food is why you should visit this place and why you will remember it.

The menu is small but varied enough not to be boring. The Italian interpretation of Danish ingredients translates well — $85 for a five-course meal (without alcohol). With wine, double that.

Total: $191-196

depending on how hungry you were at breakfast.