A stepdaughter has hilariously made her stepdad hand out care packages to surrounding airline passengers because his snoring is so bad.

Last month Alan Tattersall, from Australia, was set to board a flight from Melbourne to Houston for business with his stepdaughter Grace.

But just a few days before the trip, Grace realised Alan's snoring was "pretty serious" and was beginning to feel sorry for those who had to travel near him on the plane.

Instead of winging it, Grace made up a care package to hand out to nearby passengers in the hope of softening the hurt.


"I'd heard of mums giving out little care packages when they have babies on planes — acknowledging that their infants might be crying," Grace told The Mirror.

With the help of Alan's wife Ros, Grace went out and purchased some goodies to add to the package.

Inside the 10 tiny packages were chocolates, earplugs, and a personalised note to each passenger with a message on it.

"Enjoy your trip today," the note begins. "We thought you might be in need of a little assistance if Alan falls asleep — so hope this little care package helps."

"PS: The snoring usually only lasts a short time — while he falls asleep."

To add more humour into the mix Grace and Ros didn't tell Alan about the idea until he had sat down and they told him to hand them out.

While Alan attempted to hand out the packages, the 62-year-old said most people were too preoccupied listening to their own headphones to really care.

He did reveal, however, the care packages came in handier on the return trip anyway — he handed some out prior to the flight — and the message made one woman "chuckle".


"The others just thought it was strange and didn't even know what to say," he said.