Kristin Edge flies aboard Singapore Airlines flight SQ4284 from Auckland to Singapore.

The plane

: B787-9N.

Class: Economy.


My seat: 36D aisle seat, just two rows back in cattle class from the sparkling dark blue curtain dividing Business Class from the rest. Spare seat next to me so plenty of room.

Flight time: Departed 1.5 hours after scheduled time and a head wind made us even later.

First impression: As we load up I note the plane looks new: he head rests can move up and have the ability to mould round your head — no need for the neck cushion. A touchscreen entertainment system in the back of the seat in front beats having to pull out the remote on a retractable string. The crew are very helpful without being annoying.

How full: Nearly full — one of the few spare seats is next to me.

Fellow passengers: It was with trepidation that I took my seat seeing a young couple and baby in front of me. Turns out the little tacker was well used to travelling and handled it like a pro with no bouts of screaming. The passengers were a mix of nationalities from what I could make out.

Food and drink: Even though I'm in the cheap seats I love how the immaculate air hostesses hand out menus itemising our appetisers, main course, dessert, from the bakery and hot beverages. My chicken curry on rice with diced pumpkin and steamed beans is pretty good although the bread roll is a bit dry, but nothing a good lashing of butter can't handle. Those who wanted a snack between meals could choose from what the menu stated were "delectables". That included vegetarian or savoury sandwiches, crackers, muffins, chips or a healthy option of trail mix. For supper I opted for wok fried chicken in sesame oil with ginger. There are the usual drinks offerings, so I quench my thirst with a Tiger beer.

Entertainment: A great card of new releases so I opted to watch the very amusing Crazy Rich Asians (pictured), having previously read the book. Another two movies and my book filled in the nearly 11-hour journey.

The toilets: The wallpaper on the inside of the toilets makes it more like visiting the library than the bathroom. It's clean and tidy and feels new.


Final word: I might have been in Economy but the plane felt new with plenty of room, excellent service and engaging crew. Enjoyed the flight despite a small amount of turbulence.