Bizarre footage has surfaced from a popular tourist location in Spain which shows a man driving a mobility scooter down a crowded street. On the back of the scooter is a woman who appears to be very drunk.

The video, which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, shows the apparently intoxicated woman passing a crowd, who laugh and jeer at her.

Benidorm is located in the centre of the La Marina Baixa region and is one of the main tourist destinations along the Costa Blanca. It is especially popular with British visitors.

Although a local DJ is claiming to own the footage, it was first shared by Kid Cookster, who claims he has more footage.


It's unclear what time of day the incident occurred, but the sun is still out.

Mobility scooters like the one seen in the video have been officially banned from the pavements of Benidorm as of March this year.