It is the end of a European summer and sadly, unsurprisingly, it is Italy's Venice that is the scene for the worst kind of end-of-holiday behaviour.

A visitor to Venice has attacked one of the city's gondoliers after he stopped the man from borrowing his boat to take a selfie, according to reports.

A video filmed by onlookers and shared on Facebook shows a man threatening a gondolier, knocking off his traditional straw hat before head-butting him and hitting his face. In the minute-and-a-half clip, the gondolier argues with the man but does not hit him back.

La Nuova reports a similar argument broke out near the same bridge last year.


Visitors have capsized gondolas after standing up during a ride and tourists have faced charges for stealing the wooden boats for late-night joy rides.

In one 2017 video that went viral, a gondolier captured a group of tourists more occupied with their phones than the scenery around them, commenting sarcastically: "A fantastic ride. The customers are very happy, they're enjoying the beauty of the city, they appreciate it a lot."

The relationship between Venice and its visitors is often strained, with the city dependant on, but resentful of, the 12 million tourists per year who visit.