A photograph of two plane passenger's sleeping arrangements has caused widespread revulsion after it was shared to the popular Instagram account Passenger Shaming.

The photo shows a man lying across the seats while his female companion is sprawled on the floor below.

The photo was captioned with: "QUESTION: Would you ever lay on the floor of an airplane? (but in other news, dude seems awfully chivalrous!)"

Chivalry wasn't on the mind of most commenters, with the overwhelming theme being disgust that anyone would choose to sleep on the floor of a plane.


One person warned: "As a Senior Cabin Crew I tell you: Please, Please, Pleaseeee!!! for the love of God DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT even walk bare feet on an airplane floor, Even more, do not Dare laying down on it If you love yourself!!"

Another was more direct: "Yuck no!"

Even the man's choice of sleeping on the seats faced scrutiny, with one person saying: "Not even on the seat. You know how many strangers pass gas on those. Eewww!!"

Another wrote: "If I'm dying and they need to do some form of CPR, possible. Other than that, if I'm dying, I would rather jump out the emergency door, or just die."

Some frequent fliers could understand the choice, with one person noting: "When you are 20 hours into the 25-hour flight from Australia to the UK, the floor looks very comfortable!!!"

This desperation was echoed by another commenter who suggested the sleeping position was acceptable, with a small addition: "Those 14 plus hour flights have you doing things you'd never thought you'd do. I empathize. Granted I'd at least put down a blanket."