You might want to think again before you reach out to operate the touchscreen entertainment on your next flight.

Video shared on Twitter shows a man using his bare feet to make his selections - undoubtedly forcing thousands around the world to start thinking about disinfectant next time they fly.

The footage was shared on Twitter by author Alafair Burke, who wrote: "My friend who doesn't have Twitter sent this from her flight. It belongs on Twitter."

Rather than reaching forward and using his hands, the footage shows the reclining man propping himself on one foot while swiping with the other.


Burke's friend later saw the man walking off the plane carrying his bags, showing that he had full use of his arms.

Twitter users were quick to share their revulsion, labelling the man's actions "disgusting".

Others went further.

One man offered a contrary view, pointing out that passengers' hand hygiene is also a concern.

Airplane food for thought indeed.