Eleanor Barker answers your travel queries.

Planning our honeymoon to Bali. Looking for all kinds of recommendations.

I'm sure you plan on bringing your best manners to your honeymoon but be aware, the further you get from Kuta the more modesty is expected and appreciated. On the extreme end: do not wear swimwear to temples. [I've seen this happen - Travel Editor].

It's a good idea to spend a few days in different places. Ubud is a good base for day trips. It feels like a jungle, even though it is very popular with tourists. The Kayon Resort in Ubud is honeymoon-worthy. Villas have private pools and the staff are amazing. For a fancy meal, visit Locavore in Ubud. Do a white-water rafting tour - Bintang Rafting come highly recommended. Got to visit the monkey forest, but get your shots! Get Bali Guide tours is a great company with a range of awesome day tours that won't break the bank.


If you're on a budget, Tulamben and Sidemen have sprawling rice paddy villages a bit like Ubud but without the scary traffic and best of all, according to a local "you don't lose 900,000rp ($95) every time you inhale".

Kuta is brash, touristy and in-your-face but the people are great, shopping and bartering is fun, almost a game when you get the hang of it. The sunsets are incredible and the bars along the beach are awesome, just plastic chairs and umbrellas and someone selling beer. Food is cheap, cheerful and delicious.

Gili T is a big party scene, but that can be a lot of fun if you're in the right mindset. Gili Air is beautiful with super clean beaches and hipster cafes/bars along them but it can probably be skipped if you choose to visit some of the locations outlined below.

Off the beaten track, a place called Amed on the east of the island is breathtaking. Getting there is half the fun. The drive or ride there is fantastic and its serenity and beauty will blow your socks off. Stunning views of the volcano and some incredible snorkelling/diving with a couple of decent shipwrecks to explore and teeming with fish. There's a really good submarine experience, Odyssey Submarines. It's quite close to Amed, maybe 45 minutes away.

Look up Sidemen, the Phi Phi Islands and Tulamben in Thailand for more honeymoon inspiration. Go somewhere perfect for you and save the other places for another holiday.

Enjoy your time there, whatever you decide to do. Also join Bali Bogans on Facebook. Full of friendly people all sharing their Bali knowledge. And get travel insurance.