A Kiwi traveller has compiled incredible footage capturing many of Aotearoa's hidden gems during a two-year journey across the country.

Traveller and film-maker Hamish Boyt has been travelling the world for nearly a decade but decided he wanted to showcase the beauty of his homeland.

But instead of focusing on the heavily populated tourist destinations like Queenstown, the Whangarei resident wanted to capture many of New Zealand's hidden gems and showcase them to the world.

"I made a film about my hometown of Whangarei which went viral and people really loved it which I was stoked about as it showed hidden gems about my little town which people sometimes brushed off.


"I decided to go one step further and make a video showing off every inch of New Zealand as I have found on my travel a lot of travellers believe the South and Queenstown is all we have to offer.

"I wanted to show how amazing the North and South is and New Zealand as a destination."

Over the course of two years, Boyt ventured from Cape Reinga all the way down to Bluff, heading east and west across both main islands to capture places a little less known.

After reflecting on his two-year journey, the traveller revealed his surprise favourite destination, which is located on the east coast of the North Island in the Masterton region.

"Castlepoint was the most stand-out moment for me because I came across it by chance and had never seen an image of it before.

"I was literally just looking over the map, thought I would check out that point having no idea it would be a highlight of the trip.

"When I climbed to the top viewpoint and witnessed that amazing cove with a lighthouse at the end was a true stand-out for me, a hidden treasure in a country so diverse with amazing scenery."

Milky way and rocky coast shot taken at night in Castlepoint, New Zealand. Photo / Getty Images
Milky way and rocky coast shot taken at night in Castlepoint, New Zealand. Photo / Getty Images

Other highlights for Boyt was Roys Peak in Wanaka and many parts of Taranaki.


Boyt says he hopes his video will showcase parts of New Zealand tourists might not always see on the brochures or in travel blogs.

"I just want to show the world how diverse and amazing New Zealand really is."