Street artist Megx might be the new kid on the block but his playful Lego-themed artworks are already gaining praise.

Painting Lego bricks onto the side of the bridge, the cycle route and walkway has been made to look as if it is part from a giant playset.

Schwesterstraße Brücke was formerly part of the Wuppertal railway. When the tracks were pulled up in 2011, the artist Martin Heuwold (AKA Megx) was commissioned to breathe a little fun into the new route.

Megx's murals can be seen throughout Wuppertal in north-west Germany and include designs inspired by computer games and cartoon characters.


The artist, whose two daughters are massive Lego fans, approached the Danish toy company with the idea. After being granted permission to turn his playful vision into a reality, his team spent two weeks painting the bridge.

The complex task was anything but child's play.

The 250 square-metre girder was not structurally altered in any way. Instead, using shading his team were able to create the optical illusion of 3D bricks, following Lego's distinctive stud and socket pattern.

Titled imaginatively as 'Lego Brücke' (German for 'Lego Bridge') the artwork was awarded the Deutscher Fassadenpreis Advancement Prize in 2012.

Specialising in taking themes of play and childhood and blowing them up to an industrial scale, Magx has also recently covered the chimney of the Brunsbüttel in Schleswig-Holstein with giant jigsaw pieces.