A woman is gravely ill and is stranded in Dubai until her family can repay her enormous medical bills.

Rebecca Chisholm, 24, was thrown from a horse in a horrific incident the day before her birthday. Her mother Wendy had flown over for the celebration and was with her at the time.

Chisholm suffered multiple skull fractures and a traumatic brain injury.

A family friend said "When Becca regained consciousness she told Wendy that she was dying and that she loved her."


The British primary school teacher's family are trying to raise money for her NZ$NZ116,000 medical bill, as well as a flight home that would cost an estimated NZ$58,000.

Chisholm moved to Dubai last August and signed a two-year contract to teach at a primary school.

Although the young woman has insurance through the school she is employed by, the school refused to cover the medical costs as she was injured while riding a horse, a friend told the Mirror Online.

An update on her GoFundMe page says "Becca went to Dubai to teach the next generation of children out there, and it is likely to take years to recover from this traumatic brain injury. We don't even know if she'll ever be able to teach again."

The GoFundMe page said Ms Chisholm began to regain consciousness on May 12 but was still in danger and faces a lengthy recovery and uncertain future once she is back home in England.